Those chicken doughnuts…

When Nadiya Hussain says “its sounds weird, but you’re going to love it!” I’m intrigued. Found out I didn’t get the job I wanted so I decided to self-soothe with a new recipe. This doughnut was a bbq twist on my family’s chicken salad/Hawaiian bun combo, but with bbq sauce, and in a doughnut. Bbq […]

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Blissful Aspects of Coloring

Finding time to actively be in the moment is important for good mental health. Coloring can help put you there. By setting up a routine to create a focused experience, we allow our mind to shift gears out of out of the negative thought patterns in which we often get stuck. When we are deliberately […]

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Lavender Compress

My sweet Bird is a winter baby, so I wasn’t surprised when it hit 100 degrees and she broke into a heat rash.  The eczema-like rash crept down the back of her little neck, spreading over her shoulders.  To help calm the itching, I placed a cloth soaked in cold lavender water on her neck throughout the […]

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The Mable Nay Way

I need to get back to the basics and structure my day around these 7 core “accomplishments” : Meditate Exercise Write Clean Take Vitamins 7 fruits/vegetables Cooking Meals My goal  is to go 90 days in a row where I accomplish all 7 of these daily ‘TODO’s’.  I think too much about how to do […]

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Change the Scent of Your Life

My apartment is a whole National Park full of animal, earthy smells.  A chicken carcass rotting away in the trash can; dirty diapers piling on top of it.  Dirty socks left in the living room.  More dirty clothes in the bathroom. And although we took care of the trash before leaving for vacation, each scent left […]

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A Toothsome Smoothie

I am excited to participate in a recipe assignment – #beautydetoxrecipe  – as a part of Kimberly Snyder’s Beauty Detox Community.  I read her first book a few years ago, The Beauty Detox Solution, and found it practical and inspirational. This blog assignment is to make a smoothie.  I happen to love smoothies and haven’t been eating very […]

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