Weekend Reflection

B&B in WIMeditation:  Do you meditate? I used to meditate like a daily religion.  I listened to podcasts of self-guided meditations and just zoned out for 20-40 minutes each day.  I never feel asleep, I just entered this trance-like state and really relaxed.  I continued this practice throughout my pregnancy and often wonder if that is why the Universe gifted me with such a chilled out baby. Sure, Baby Bird knows how to throw down with a fit, but overall, she is the Rebirth of Slick .

A.B. (After Bird), life turned upside down.  Everyone with kids said, ‘Life will never be the same,’ and I thought I understood what that meant.  After turning 40 then having my baby, I realized my life stayed pretty much the same for the last 20 years, with the usual ups and downs,  and no cliché advice could have prepared me for the changes.  I am still comprehending that indeed, my life will never be the same.  I will never have so much time to waste again.  Since the Bird arrived 6 months ago and adjusting to Life 4.0, I’ve meditated maybe twice a month. And I can feel the difference.  So I’m bringing back the daily meditation. Every. Day. 15-20 minutes.  I’ll let you know in two weeks how I’m progressing on this commitment. Two years ago, I entered deep into this awesome state-of-mind. I was doing deep breathing and chakra meditations; I was meditating with isochronic tones.  I was walking 5 miles 3-4 times a week, and attending a yoga class twice a week.  I was drinking green smoothies I made in my Vitamix and eating an apple a day.  I was ON FIRE!  People wanted to hang around me;  I wanted to hang around me! My intuition was spot-on and I noticed connections. I felt amazing. During this time I made a list for when I inevitably fell out,  to remind myself of the daily accomplishments I could achieve for a calm mind and a positive disposition. Five EveryDay Accomplishments to Make Life Better

  1. Meditate
  2. Break a Sweat
  3. Write 1200 Words/Art Project
  4. Clean for 20 Minutes
  5. Make and Drink a Green Smoothie

B.B. (Before Bird) I was hard on myself for having so much time and not enough motivation to use it wisely. I know now that I must take things slowly.  If I want to accomplish a strong and healthy life, consistent, small steps will get me there.  So I will begin with Everyday Accomplishment #1:  Meditate. I will start where I began several years ago.  This is the first website I used for Guided Meditation.  Some might find it “cheesy” but if you get past your mind’s critique and really allow yourself to listen and follow along, you will find some relaxation.

Scroll down this page and start a journey to your own peace of mind.

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