One Suitcase, Three People

Da Beach!It’s a big one, this suitcase.  The size of which could fit a small adult human, crouched in the fetal position, with a few clothes packed around him/her for extra padding.  But we aren’t trying to sneak anyone on our vacation, we are just trying to pack 1 suitcase for 3 people. One of which is a baby, and God knows babies need ALOT of stuff.

We are prepping for a wedding in the Caribbean. To bring, or not to bring, that is the question.  Five nights, 4 full days, how much do we really need?

Mable = 3 beach outfits; 1 pair pajamas; dress for rehearsal dinner; dress for wedding; 2 nursing tanks; 1 nursing bra; 7 pair of underwear (why are underwear considered ‘a  pair of’ when they are only one?) 3 casual outfits, of which I can wear for the plane rides.  Socks; tennis shoes; flip-flops; dressy sandals.

Hubs = 2 beach outfits; one pair of pants for rehearsal and wedding; one shirt for rehearsal; one shirt for wedding; jeans; slacks or shorts (he generally doesn’t like shorts); four shirts to mix and match; 5 pair of underwear. Socks; tennis shoes; flip-flops; sandals.

Baby Bird = 4 beach outfits (she has so many cute swimsuits!); 6 onsies; 3 pants; 4 outfits; 1 dress for wedding; swim diapers; regular diapers; diaper cream; wipes; toys; sippy cup; baby food

Toiletries = toothbrushes/toothpaste; soap; make-up; coconut oil (I use it for everything: moisturizer, make-up remover; shaving, etc.) rubber bands for hair; comb; bobby pins; baby wash clothes; razors for me; razors for him; shaving cream for him; first aid kit.

We are also packing some food because we opted out of the All Inclusive package.  It was going to run us an extra $100 per day per person, and although there was a time when we would have easily drank our way through that extra $100 each, Baby on board.  And really , when you think about it, an extra $800 for a couple for all inclusive?  That seems like a lot when I am trying to budget.  We can definitely eat and have a few drinks on a lot less than that!

Food: Nuts; dried Fruit; baby food; baby oatmeal; packs of oatmeal for mom and dad; Electric Hot Water pitcher; Coffee; French Press; 2 bowls for mom and dad; one bowl for Baby Bird; 2 spoons for mom and dad; 1 spoon for Baby Bird.

What am I forgetting?  Will this all fit? Stay tuned!

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