Simple Like a Country Song

It’s a rainy Saturday morning; 10:30.  Redbird is napping.  My love is working for the weekend, as he often does and it works out because we require very little daycare.  The roof is leaking through the bedroom and kitchen ceilings.  And I have to make a confession I love Blade Shelton.  Or Sheldon.  I need to look that up.  And I think I might love country music.  This is something I never even considered, but I might be a country girl.

20120723_211701When I am home alone with Baby Bird, and here is another confession, we watch a lot of You Tube music videos.  Once we watched an entire Beyonce concert, and let me tell you, Beyoncé PERFORMS! I don’t really know many Beyonce songs, and I could never afford a ticket to her concert, but I’m sure it’s worth every penny, if you like good concerts.  I don’t really like going to concerts that much.   But on Saturday, when trapped in my leaky apartment alone with my daughter, I feel like I can have my own, comfortable, private showing of YouTube videos and orchestrate whatever concert I want.  And today, it is a concert of Modern Country Stars.  And I am lost in a long story of simple country life.

Maybe it has to do with spending ages 14-26 living mostly in Nebraska, where I actually rode in the middle of the front and in the back of pick-up trucks, listening to Lynard Sknyard yelling, Turn it Up!”  Beer bonging in headlights from cars and trucks blaring Steve Miller Band.  Bonfires by lakes and rivers and in cornfields.  Nights spent like this drip country into your soul, like an IV of morphine, making life seem simple and happy.

“Rain makes corn; corm makes whiskey; whiskey, whiskey gets my baby feeling frisky, washing all our worries down the drain, rain is a good thang.”  Some lyric by an experienced country song writer. I would agree.  I like rain.  I will let it remind me to keep life simple, like a country song.

“An ocean sky with white-capped clouds that made driving to you a high seas adventure.  You’ll always be Nebraska to me.”  A lyric by me, an inexperienced song writer feeling the soul of simple.


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