Dear Travel

Travel pic
Blue Angels- taken from our roof in Chicago during an air and water show.

When I was young, I always pictured my life with you, Travel, moving around the world as nomads- hoping trains and freighters, writing stories about our adventures together.  That relationship, like many of youth, did not pan out. Although I love my life now, I wouldn’t mind reviving that passion between us, Travel.  I miss our sense of adventure.

I WANT to have the relationship we always dreamed of having, but I have a few modifications now, Travel.  I mean, I’m older, much older, and I have responsibilities.  Sure, I have a good time on vacation.  But I don’t LIKE the actual act of traveling, unless it is a roadtrip with days and days ahead to drive.  I like it when you are good old RoadTrip Travel.  But Airplane Travel, being around you gives me horrible anxiety.  Embarrassing amounts.  It’s like I think you are going to beat me in public, Airplane Travel. It’s like I expect you to give me a big old black eye while everyone stands around and stares from the eyes in the back of their heads, because they don’t want to look directly at me,  and these bystanders are shaking their heads against their own fears of an Airplane Travel beatdown.

And now, with RedBird, well, you don’t even take pity on me.  You just go on being your old Airplane Travel rude self.  And yet you make my heart race and I feel sweaty when I’m with you, and you almost always take us to an awesome location.  I just wish we had more time together.  Correction, I wish I had more time for Vacation.

That is how I want it to be between us now, Travel, you escorting me to my True Love, Vacation.  There, I said it.  Dreams change.  Don’t cry, Travel.  Maybe we’ll end up together when we are old.  When I have more time to spend with you. I’ll say a little prayer for the possibility.

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