A Toothsome Smoothie

Smoothie2I am excited to participate in a recipe assignment – #beautydetoxrecipe  – as a part of Kimberly Snyder’s Beauty Detox Community.  I read her first book a few years ago, The Beauty Detox Solution, and found it practical and inspirational.

This blog assignment is to make a smoothie.  I happen to love smoothies and haven’t been eating very well, and could use a good dose of fruit and herbs.  I got to thinking, what fruit and herbs pair well together?  And then I googled it. If interested in Fruit and Herb pairings, the Blog ‘Organic Authority‘ is a good place to start, and the only place I ventured because I felt satisfied.

I chose parsley as my base green herb because it is easily accessible on my back porch.  I did a quick little search to see what suggestions Organic Authority had for me for parsley:

Parsley is one of the least “sweet” of the leafy herbs, but it still pairs with certain summer fruits. For best results, use parsley with tropical fruits and rich, robust seasonings like ginger. Pair with:”

Summer melons

This is looking good already!  I have bananas, ginger and parsley .  I could make a smoothie just out of this, and a a squeeze of lemon from the half of lemon in my fridge.  But I want to do a little more.


Smoothie Recipie

1 banana (I almost always have bananas, fresh or frozen)

1 mango (took the Redbird on a walk and picked up at the corner store)

1 lime worth of juice (took the Redbird on a walk and picked up at the corner store)

a handful of chopped parsley (growing in the neighbor’s herb garden)

1.5 cups H2O

Throw ingredients in to high quality blender, and here’s where I give a shout out to my Vitamix, and blend until smooth.  If you are particular, put parsley and ginger in first with water. Blend on low, then add mango.  Continue to blend and increase speed, then add banana, and finally add lime juice, then blend on high for 30 seconds to one minute.

Enjoy! This made a mouth-watering smoothie, reminiscent of a delicious margarita!

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