Change the Scent of Your Life

My apartment is a whole National Park full of animal, earthy smells.  A chicken carcass rotting away in the trash can; dirty diapers piling on top of it.  Dirty socks left in the living room.  More dirty clothes in the bathroom. And although we took care of the trash before leaving for vacation, each scent left its print and we closed the house down to trap them there.  Coming home from vacation to these musty, old smells left me feeling down and I thought to myself, I need to create a fresh house scent!  I need to Change the Scent of My Life!  And then I spiraled into a whole marketing business crazy ideas because I loved the phrase, Change the Scent of Your Life so much, but that is for another blog post.  How my mind wanders.

scent of homeI love entering a home that smells wonderful.  That comforting feeling makes me want to hang out in that space.  I love smelling food when dinner is cooking.  I don’t like smelling food  previously cooked.  If you live in a newer home, your smell is probably more pleasant than a home that’s housed many families, each a thread weaving a tapestry ode to the Smells of Life.  My apartment has housed many families for many decades, and these families tended to stay a long time.  We’ve been here for 11 years. The tapestry’s in tatters; it’s not the freshest smelling place.

Scent is the first sense that’s activated when we’re born and is deeply connected to our emotional state, making the sense of smell a far greater influence on our behavior than we realize. I want the smells in my home to say, Hey there, Mable Nay! Hey there husband and Redbird!  Let’s all chill out together and relax and breathe clean, good smells!

I want to make my own fragrance because A. I can and B. Plug Ins and store-bought sprays kind of freak me out.  Although I’m sure the chemicals in those aren’t concentrated enough to cause any serious health damage, these products wind up as waste in landfills, as well as money in the pocket of corporate America.  I prefer to make my own soothing scent.

After doing some research into combinations of essential oils and mood, I decided on oils that would conjure serenity and good vibrations,  and create a scent that when people walk in my home they think, wow! this house smells good!

When combining essential oils, I like to use the 30-50-20 solution: 30% Top notes/50% Middle Notes/20% Base Notes.  And I rarely mix more than three oils at a time because I am a beginner and I like to keep it simple. Don’t waste your oils!

The 4 oils I have chosen to experiment with are:

Frankincense– Base – Woody/Spicy

Ylang ylang – Base/Middle – Fresh/Floral

Lavender – Middle/Top – fresh/herbal

Bergamont – Middle/Top – fresh/citrisy/slightly floral

Project in Process:

First combination: I will mix ten drops consisting of Frankincense, Ylang ylang and Lavender and let them melt together for 24 hours or so.  I will sniff and adjust until I find the right combination, and use it for my house spray; 10 drops of essential oil per 8 ounces of water.  I highly recommend playing with essential oils; mixing them up and finding  a scent to enhance the mood of the home.  You can find a lot of information on essential oils on AromaWeb.

For my house spray, once I find my perfect combination, I will spray it in every room and let it soak into the curtains and the walls and the wood.  Hopefully, we can freshen things up around here.


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