The Mable Nay Way

july 17

I need to get back to the basics and structure my day around these 7 core “accomplishments” :





Take Vitamins

7 fruits/vegetables

Cooking Meals

My goal  is to go 90 days in a row where I accomplish all 7 of these daily ‘TODO’s’.  I think too much about how to do things and then wind up not doing anything at all.  When I get into a routine, that is when I accomplish the most.   I’ve been in this routine before, and I rocked.  But I get into slumps, and I’m in one again.  I need to start- 1 day, Day One, checking off each item listed above- that is momentum.  Day One = momentum.  Moving forward. The Mable Nay Way.  I’m just going to keep saying that because I like the way it sounds- The Mable Nay Way.  Right now my way is the lazy way.  There is no progress in being lazy.  I have had 4 Day One’s in a row.

I have a plan, I just need to start.  “Ok, go.  Do it! You can do it!”  This is the coach on my right shoulder.  “Let’s sleep and eat and watch tv.”  This is the high schools stoner on my left shoulder. I often find myself leaning left.  I am much better at Pinterest than picking up.  Much better at take out than a cook out.  It’s just some nights, you know? Some nights you just want to put the baby to bed and lay down on the couch and have someone feed you and change your diaper, because you never want to get off that couch again. And other nights you want to put the baby down and have some friends over for cocktails on the back porch.  Some days. Some day.

I will start tomorrow.  Or maybe the next day.  One of these days, oh world of the wide web, you will hear me cheering my 90 day accomplishment.  Just you wait and see.


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