Lavender Compress

My Little Redbird
My Little Redbird

My sweet Bird is a winter baby, so I wasn’t surprised when it hit 100 degrees and she broke into a heat rash.  The eczema-like rash crept down the back of her little neck, spreading over her shoulders.  To help calm the itching, I placed a cloth soaked in cold lavender water on her neck throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday, and then in the evening Friday night, Monday and Tuesday.  Her neck looks so much better today!  It could be that the rash ran its course as the weather has cooled a tad, but I think it was the added TLC of the cold compress.  She laid so still while I held the compress on the affected spots, I know it brought her relief.


2 cups cold water

3-4 drops Lavender Oil

1 clean and soft wash cloth

Place the drops of lavender in to two cups of cold water.  Put the wash cloth in the water to soak,

then ring the cloth out and place on affected areas.  Repeat as desired.

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